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Appidea is a software house located in the heart of Europe. We are a team of top-class developers, designers, testers and managers with more than 10 years of experience with innovative projects for various clients. We do more than just code – we discover your business needs, analyze your idea and  turn it into a software with a great business value.

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Education portal


Advanced Education App

We created an advanced education application that covers teachers and pupils needs. It allows teachers to create customized maps, education boards and timelines with additional interactive elements. Thanks to shapes/images recognition and images cutting, rasterization & optimization on the server side – it makes the app light-weight and suitable for the internet connection.

Interactive Points & Timelines

For educational purposes maps are designed in a way that teachers can add interactive elements containing extended information about a given object. For the type of maps containing different data in time, the possibility of generating an active timeline.

Maps & Boards Creator

Each teacher using the app management panel can prepare an individual version of maps and educational board to cover particular subject. The panel allows teacher to adjust displayed elements to lesson plans and prepare engaging classes for pupils.

Management Panel

Intuitive app management panel allows users to upload & display additional content, such as videos, audio files, photos, galleries and extended information about selected locations and interactive points.

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